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[15 December 2010]
hangzhou is snowing now. first snow in the year.
[06 May 2010]
going to Guangzhou next week! yay!
[03 May 2010]
just had such a fun 3-day vacation with thelowlypeon in Suzhou. that was a cool city! why vacations always started so exciting but also ended so quickly!
[30 April 2010]
can't wait to get off the work...
[20 April 2010]
another night passed...i still haven't started my project. i even pulled out the notebook tonight, but just spent an hour on organizing the music
[12 April 2010]
thelowlypeon: yup, i mean the avalantern baby~
[04 April 2010]
i really like this website. it's very neat:)
[31 January 2010]
at the Pudong airport, going to HongKong and then Vietnam! Yay!
[30 December 2009]
fruit cakes are delicious
[27 December 2009]
and another great thing is i actually smelled the winter smell inside the rooms, the winter smell! so different from any warm smell!
[27 December 2009]
Here was snowing today. never thought i would see real heavy snow in hangzhou forever since the whole world is getting warmer!
[23 December 2009]
thelowlypeon: or 睡不着觉
[23 December 2009]
thelowlypeon: 应该是“睡不着”
[18 December 2009]
seems everybody in this company is taking their vacation days at the end of the year...the world is peaceful again...
[18 December 2009]
thelowlypeon: and no booze!