Breaking Bad Outtakes (Youtube) - this is hilarious. especially if you take the show as seriously as i do. (thanks saulemander!)...
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The Sopranos will never be matched in terms of television dramatic genius.

Isn't time just a label we put on something we don't understand?

My most said phrase is "I didn't get into any schools I applied to and St Andrews' deadline was May 31st."


Who thought the White Sox would win a world series in my lifetime?

I like the crust pieces of Piero's, exclusively.

seasonally, like an animal, i grow a third lip. my scientific name is dorkus malorkus, but my friends call me three lips. delicious.

I once produced my own television show.

I used to drink three milkshakes a day when I worked at an ice cream shoppe.

I have glasses that change colors with the sun.