Toothbrush Machine - A few months ago, Daisy & I took the plunge and decided to get an electric toothbrush. I did a bunch of research, and we decided...
User Name:WJerome
Member Since:28 July 2006
Hometown:Wilmette, IL

I used to drink three milkshakes a day when I worked at an ice cream shoppe.

I am occasionally interested in public policy issues, but often am apathetic because of all the annoying-ness involved.

My most said phrase is "I didn't get into any schools I applied to and St Andrews' deadline was May 31st."

I want to live in Germany at some point, though I plan on settling down in the Chicago area.

I like the crust pieces of Piero's, exclusively.

Zoe is the cutest and most idiotic dog I have ever met.

seasonally, like an animal, i grow a third lip. my scientific name is dorkus malorkus, but my friends call me three lips. delicious.

I have glasses that change colors with the sun.

The Sopranos will never be matched in terms of television dramatic genius.

i go to school in scotland.