Breaking Bad Outtakes (Youtube) - this is hilarious. especially if you take the show as seriously as i do. (thanks saulemander!)...

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Top 5 Songs of the Last While

[02 April 2011]
These are my 5 favorite songs of recent past.

Up in the Air: Down on the Ground

[05 January 2010]
I was not impressed with the movie Up in the Air.

Album of the Year - 2009

[21 December 2009]
I listened to some music this year.

Saturday Morning Joys

[14 November 2009]
There are very few things as good as a filling breakfast on a beautiful saturday morning.


[04 November 2009]
Never go to bed after you get a haircut without taking a shower first.

Washing One's Tired Face

[24 October 2009]
How good does it feel to just splash your face with water?

Cloudiness vs. Cold: The Debate Continues

[29 September 2009]
What is harder to put up with - constant overcast or bone-chilling cold?

Song of the Week: Beetlebum by Blur

[27 September 2009]
Beetlebum is my song of the week

Song of the Week: In Houston by Tapes n' Tapes

[14 September 2009]
My song of the week is called In Houston. It is by the band Tapes n' Tapes.

The Air Up There

[11 September 2009]
The Air Up There is one of Kevin Bacon's finest works.

Song of the Week

[08 September 2009]
My song of this week is "The Hollows" by the band Why?

European vacation

[31 August 2009]
Where should I go in Europe?

Inglorious Basterds

[27 August 2009]
I recommend seeing Inglorious Basterds

MY Song of the Week: Ragged Wood

[25 August 2009]
I have a favorite song this week. It is called Ragged Wood by Fleet Foxes.

Avalanche Lantern

[09 August 2009]
I am excited for Avalantern