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MY Song of the Week: Ragged Wood 
25 August 2009, 3:01pm

I have a favorite song this week. It is called Ragged Wood by Fleet Foxes.

Great Song.

Last summer, when I worked at the Unicorn Cafe, one of my co-workers put on Fleet Foxes way too much. I resented listening to them. Eventually, I gave the album a legitimate shot. It is very good. The last week, I have listened to the song Ragged Wood a lot. Other favorite include White Winter Hymnal, He Doesn't Know Why, and Blue Ridge Mountains. Check it out.

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THE Lowly Peon

[25 August 2009]

a bunch of my friends have tried to get me into fleet foxes, but they've never quite grasped me, except for a few tracks off their self-titled disc. but if this is your song of the week, i'll check it out and let you know.


The Invincible Blab

[26 August 2009]

you have to put them on my computer.