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Top 5 Songs of the Last While 
02 April 2011, 11:41am

These are my 5 favorite songs of recent past.

1. The Tallest Man on Earth - The Gardener

By far my most listened to song recently. Also my favorite song currently to play on guitar. I used to not like the voice, but now I think it's pretty rad.

  1. Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues

An awesome song by one of the greatest bands around. This one is the title track from their new album coming out in May. Kinda hokey lyrics.

  1. Grizzly Bear - Ready, Able

The ending is just mind-blowing.

  1. Andrew Bird - Scythian Empire

Really great tune.

  1. Nick Drake - Which Will

What might be even better than this song is this video where a monkey is just sitting on a guitar.

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[02 April 2011]

Here are my top 5 songs of the last while, and I've ordered it, but realistically they are all close to being #1:

  1. Pocketful of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield. Have you seen Easy A yet? If not, you should!
  2. Extreme Ways by Moby. Have you seen the Bourne movies, yet? If not, you should!
  3. Bad Romance by Lady Gaga. Have you seen all the covers, yet? If not, you should!
  4. Love Story by Taylor Swift. I got nothing.
  5. This Too Shall Pass by OK Go. Have you seen both the videos (3rd and 4th ones), yet? If not you should!

Runners up:

Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z featuring Alicia Keys


Ali in the Jungle by The Hours


THE Lowly Peon

[03 April 2011]

wjerome: i'll need to check some of those out. i don't much care for fleet foxes the way you and blabby do, but the others are awesome. never heard of tallest man on earth, so i'll check it out.

benji: that's quite a list!

i've been listening to a lot of the beatles lately. i'll try to think up a list sooner or later.