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[28 March 2010]
Breakfast with the Beatles
[09 March 2010]
Seeing Grizzly Bear tonight in Edinburgh with Beach House opening. Very exciting.
[20 February 2010]
Daisy: Woo! Glad to hear you're having fun!
[17 January 2010]
blabby11: From doing homework in your room? Oh no! :(
[17 January 2010]
maggie33: I eat lots of oats and watch Full House.
[15 November 2009]
Breakfast with the Beatles
[08 November 2009]
Stockholm until Thursday
[07 November 2009]
The Beatles make everything better.
[02 October 2009]
Bon Jovi is in St Andrews
[30 September 2009]
Avalantern is going super fast right now!
[19 September 2009]
l4saule Yeah. I felt that Black Holes and Revelations was hinting at that...
[17 September 2009]
thelowlypeon Please send it to me.
[16 September 2009]
Lunch with grandmother, massage for my half birthday, and then Second City with mother. What a day!
[15 September 2009]
thelowlypeon "He works haaaaaaaaaard for the money!"
[08 September 2009]
I saw "In the Loop". Not bad. My mom really liked it.