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[07 February 2011]
Just checking in...
[06 September 2010]
thelowlypeon I don't need another social network and even if I did I wouldn't choose one by Apple. Just like I don't use Bing, I don't like putting everything in the one basket. I'm rather irritated with Apple for making their own instead of using something already established like last.fm. An open market of social networks is much better. sorry!
[29 October 2009]
just1n: You like the new mice? I'm skeptical. I went in an tried one and couldn't get it to do anything I wanted to.
[23 September 2009]
I hate MobileMe's galleries thelowlypeon! I can't comment on any of your photos! And you just posted a lot of good ones!
[19 August 2009]
Any chance a brother can get an RSS feed with the full text of the blog posts? I don't do that whole clicking through thing... (sorry!)
[17 August 2009]
thelowlypeon: Do avalantern ellipses replies map to Twitter replies? Let's see!
[17 August 2009]
I ran for 53 minutes yesterday. I really do think I am getting healthy again!
[15 June 2009]
So you think Avalantern will really be ready by christmas like the message on the home page says? That would be awesome! But hurry up, Christmas will be here before you know it!
[18 May 2009]
Down with Twitter! Up with Peterdot post-its!
[15 May 2009]
Well, Peter, you came through for me! But no one else sent me a message. :(
[11 May 2009]
I haven't received a peterdot message in a long time :(
[05 May 2009]
Happy Birthday in the US, Peter!
[04 May 2009]
Happy Birthday in China, Peter!
[28 April 2009]
Start posting regularly!
[19 April 2009]
Hi Peter!