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[THE Lowly Peon] [15 March 2012]
it's so great to be back in chicago! the weather is awesome, the view from this office is awesome, the city feels awesome. awesome.
[THE Lowly Peon] [19 May 2011]
so finally, i get to use daisy's iPad 2. and holy moly this thing is amazing.
[THE Lowly Peon] [19 May 2011]
welcome home, daisy!
[THE Lowly Peon] [14 May 2011]
getting my bike stuff together so i can go riding tomorrow!! hoooo doggie i love life!
[THE Lowly Peon] [23 March 2011]
i wonder how the chinese government guys watch youtube and use twitter. i need to get my hand on that ip...
[THE Lowly Peon] [15 March 2011]
beware the ides of March...
[THE Lowly Peon] [15 March 2011]
Happy Birthday, WJerome!!
[Benji!] [07 February 2011]
Just checking in...
[THE Lowly Peon] [07 February 2011]
wow, it's already almost the end of the chinese new year holiday. and i haven't posted anything on avalantern.com in a while... (then again no one else has either... hahaha)
[THE Lowly Peon] [27 December 2010]
back in the company apartment in houston... complete with FOUR air fresheners and black garbage bags covering all the windows
[THE Lowly Peon] [22 December 2010]
woah! 9600th visit to avalantern!
[THE Lowly Peon] [18 December 2010]
i'm back in chicago! and though i very much miss my wife, daisy, i have to say that i'm really enjoying unfiltered internet and good beer
[daisy] [15 December 2010]
hangzhou is snowing now. first snow in the year.
[THE Lowly Peon] [09 November 2010]
just got the new last.fm scrobbler plugin and it's still crashing iTunes. if only iTunes' ping wasn't completely useless.
[THE Lowly Peon] [04 November 2010]
daisy and I are signing the papers today! yay marriage!