Toothbrush Machine - A few months ago, Daisy & I took the plunge and decided to get an electric toothbrush. I did a bunch of research, and we decided...


[THE Lowly Peon] [13 October 2010]
think I figured out why the last.fm scrobbler plugin kept crashing iTunes. I turned off "fingerprinting" & syncs are faster and don't crash!
[Kate] [03 October 2010]
Happy Birthday, Poppy!!
[THE Lowly Peon] [25 September 2010]
random happy childhood memory: reading the dinosaur facts on quaker instant oatmeal packets.
[THE Lowly Peon] [12 September 2010]
if the second side of siamese dream isn't musical perfection, i don't know what is.
[THE Lowly Peon] [09 September 2010]
bentomas that would have been awesome if they used last.fm. my last.fm scrobbler freezes my iTunes EVERY time i sync my iPad, and it slows it down the rest of the time.
[Benji!] [06 September 2010]
thelowlypeon I don't need another social network and even if I did I wouldn't choose one by Apple. Just like I don't use Bing, I don't like putting everything in the one basket. I'm rather irritated with Apple for making their own instead of using something already established like last.fm. An open market of social networks is much better. sorry!
[THE Lowly Peon] [06 September 2010]
Is anyone using ping, the new service on iTunes? I can't find anyone except hulkamaniac...
[THE Lowly Peon] [03 September 2010]
poop*. the people who just moved in upstairs appear to be always-leave-the-tv-on people. i can't understand those people. just noise.
[THE Lowly Peon] [30 August 2010]
just found out the iPhone 4 is coming to China September 15! Hoping it's factory unlocked, which would save me a trip to HK!
[THE Lowly Peon] [13 August 2010]
keep forgetting I'm not actually Chinese. in Houston 2.5wks to renew my visa, and only realized three days before leaving I haven't yet. 
[THE Lowly Peon] [10 August 2010]
hmm. things are pretty weird with daisy not around. and I don't like it.
[THE Lowly Peon] [06 August 2010]
congratulations, kerbbs and Benji!!
[THE Lowly Peon] [22 July 2010]
nocturtle Helvetica is a good neutral. Though I know a lot of people have strong feelings about it. I don't like arial much.
[Kate] [21 July 2010]
My boss hates Times New Roman. Any other picks for professional-looking fonts — other than Arial?
[THE Lowly Peon] [28 June 2010]
happy birthday, daisy!! hooray!