Breaking Bad Outtakes (Youtube) - this is hilarious. especially if you take the show as seriously as i do. (thanks saulemander!)...


[klcomp] [05 March 2007]
that Bears thing was old (obviously) I'd say Go Sox but can't think that way as we're expecting snow tomorrow. Go Spring. How's that?
[Poppy] [05 March 2007]
High Schoolers doing the Ok Go treadmill dance!!
[Chinese Chugger] [05 March 2007]
I'm not sure if this is the famous wall to post stuff...
[Saulemander] [05 March 2007]
how do i inline post edit?
[maggie33] [05 March 2007]
i'm not being a poopy face. i'm not doing bad things.
[The Invincible Blab] [05 March 2007]
im very exciting, i know.
[just1n] [05 March 2007]
Check out what I listen to here, and my photos here.
[Kate] [05 March 2007]
Feelin' Groovy!