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mother effer 
21 August 2009, 10:18pm


i jsut wrote a whole blog and hit the back key...and lost it alll...eff avalantern

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THE Lowly Peon

[21 August 2009]

sorry man. i'm working on the save thing.

you know, some browsers won't delete anything. like safari. or even camino.

or another solution is to not hit the freaking back key. moron.



[21 August 2009]

As far as I am concerned this is a browser bug not an avalantern bug!



[22 August 2009]

bentomas: I agree that hitting the back button is generally not a good idea. And I do assume that it's the browser...



[22 August 2009]

yea..my mouse has one of those built in back/forward buttons for enhanced browsing...i never use them