Bad Hat Harry - I've been meaning to post this forever....

Breaking Bad Outtakes (Youtube)

[THE Lowly Peon] [21 August 2012]
this is hilarious. especially if you take the show as seriously as i do. (thanks saulemander!)

My Success with Game of Thrones

[THE Lowly Peon] [20 February 2012]
I tweeted some time ago that I tried desperately to purchase Game of Thrones, but couldn't find a single way to do it without buying cable and paying up the wazoo for HBO. I wound up... um... watching it some other way. And it turns out theoa

Ten Notable Staircases

[THE Lowly Peon] [01 February 2012]
Some really neato staircases. (via @mentalfloss)


[THE Lowly Peon] [01 February 2012]
This video of a miniature wunderland is absolutely incredible. Neil Young, you may have a run for your money! (via @billammend)

Occupy the Food Industry

[THE Lowly Peon] [27 January 2012]
I'm sure this article is a bit over the top, but even if you take it with a grain of salt it's horrifying. We all know these things happen in our food industry, so why does no one talk about it? Why are we only talking about Banks being evil, or electronics companies exploiting Chinese factories (and paying them well above local minimum wage)?

Green House Gas Data for the US

[THE Lowly Peon] [22 January 2012]
The EPA requires that emitters of lots of green house gases publish data about their pollutants, and they publish it here. This website is horrible, but the data is pretty unreal. The great Houston area has some of the most pollutant plants in the US.

Street Art Utopia

[THE Lowly Peon] [08 January 2012]
This website is a collection of street art. Some of this stuff is really awesome. I thought benji would like this one:

Between the Lines

[THE Lowly Peon] [07 January 2012]
I've always assumed that cities like LA and Houston are horribly sprawled because they were, in one way or another, designed around the automobile. This parking expert believes it's not the car that caused this concrete paradise, but the parking lots. Also, did you know that parking lots really came from Oklahoma City? And they make loads


[THE Lowly Peon] [18 October 2011]
This is the most amazing thing I have EVER seen.

Wedding Photos!

[THE Lowly Peon] [04 October 2011]
We finally got the wedding photos! Be sure to check them out. Lots of good ones. Sooner or later I'll get the full res copies, and I have permission to put them on my site. I'll throw some kind of site together, or use the one I made for petercompernolle.com/photos

Everything is a Remix

[THE Lowly Peon] [17 July 2011]
As of now, the first three parts of a four part series are available for viewing. The series takes a look at how everything is really a copy of something that came before it, using three basic functions: copy, transform, and combine. There are some pretty interesting examples of what "revolutionary" ideas are really just from something that came

History of the Space Shuttle

[THE Lowly Peon] [08 July 2011]
My boss is in Florida right now for the launch of the last space shuttle. Apparently they only had two thousand or so tickets, so their servers were bonked when they went on sale. He was lucky to have gotten six, the limit. These are some interesting photos that remind me a lot of Apollo 13, excep

Where have all the dramas gone?

[THE Lowly Peon] [08 July 2011]
And infographic, similar to lastgraph, that shows genres of films and their popularity over the years. What they don't have is a category for comic-books-because-no-one-has-any-creativity-anymore.

Plot Device

[THE Lowly Peon] [08 July 2011]
"On the recommendation of Amazon.com, a Shia LaBeouf impostor orders a mysterious device that creates the ultimate cinematic experience." (via shawn blanc)

What Would Don Draper Do

[THE Lowly Peon] [08 July 2011]
Pour yourself a drink and read this one!