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Out of Pages [blog comment]

[Kate] [29 January 2013]
So exciting!

Out of Pages [blog]

[THE Lowly Peon] [25 January 2013]
About a month ago, Laurel Hechanova and I decided to start a little side project together. The problem we're attempting to solve: that horrible feeling you get when you realize your notebook is almost out of pages.

Happy Festivus! [blog]

[THE Lowly Peon] [24 December 2012]
Happy Festivus everyone! Yay!

Bad Hat Harry [blog]

[THE Lowly Peon] [24 September 2012]
I've been meaning to post this forever.

My New Wheels [blog]

[THE Lowly Peon] [30 August 2012]
Every day, I walk about 25 minutes to work, and 25 minutes back. Google Maps has this clocked at 1.3 miles.

Toothbrush Machine [blog update]

[THE Lowly Peon] [22 August 2012]
i just came across this and feel it's my duty (ha! i said doodie) to inform you: the toothbrush heads have that little blue stripe to indicate when you need to replace them. they say they last for three months. bogus! and at $10 a pop (usually about $30 for a three pack), that's an expensive habit! i still recommend it, but beware. it's a bit lik

Brewing Coffee [blog]

[THE Lowly Peon] [22 August 2012]
I suppose I haven't really talked about working at our new company much at all since we started it back in March, and I've talked even less about our coworking space, or "office", since we moved in here around June.

Breaking Bad Outtakes (Youtube) [link]

[THE Lowly Peon] [21 August 2012]
this is hilarious. especially if you take the show as seriously as i do. (thanks saulemander!)

A Strange Morning, or: the Music I've Listened to Today [blog]

[THE Lowly Peon] [21 August 2012]
Today's been kind of a strange day so far. Yesterday was kind of a rough day, mostly with work, but at the end of the day I wound up very exhausted and feeling kind of down. Usually I wake up the next day excited to start over (life is awesome like that), but for some reason this morning my biorhythms were still low.

Busy busy! [blog]

[THE Lowly Peon] [17 July 2012]
Sorry for the lack of any activity on here, guys! Been a busy couple of months! Expect a post soon!

Song of the month: Holocene [blog comment]

[THE Lowly Peon] [17 July 2012]
still really enjoying this song...

Song of the month: Holocene [blog]

[THE Lowly Peon] [23 May 2012]
The song I can't get enough of lately is Holocene, by Bon Iver. I have nothing insiteful to say, nothing mind blowing, just that the song is incredible and I have a hard time not

Bolder Boulder Pre-Game Thoughts [blog comment]

[Benji!] [21 May 2012]
Can't wait for you guys to get here! It should be a fun weekend! And technically speaking a 8min/mi 10K would net you a 49:43 finish time because a 10K is 6.21 miles. (Keri says I'm being a know-it-all, so for that, I apologize!)

Bolder Boulder Pre-Game Thoughts [blog]

[THE Lowly Peon] [20 May 2012]
Many of the 'rados will be heading to Boulder this weekend to run the famous "Bolder Boulder" 10k.

Working Remotely [blog]

[THE Lowly Peon] [20 March 2012]
For the last week or so, I've gotten a taste of what it means to work remotely. Nothing I've learned is anything profound, but it's been a great time for me to try something out I've always been curious about.