Song of the month: Holocene - The song I can't get enough of lately is Holocene, by Bon Iver. I have nothing insiteful to say, nothing mind blowing, just that...

THE Lowly Peon

User Name:thelowlypeon
Member Since:28 July 2006
Birthday:May 5
Hometown:wilmette, il

i like to consider myself a jack of all trades, and in my years i've learned well that i'm a master of none.

i like being happy.

i am a crumpler. i don't trust folders.

some of my friends say i'm self deprecating. what they don't know is that i generally only tell them the best things about myself.

i would not be upset if google won the net presidential election and eventually took over the world.

my iphone is currently running 4.2!

i'm rather lazy. in fact, i tend to forget to finish things before i

i don't eat meat. but i eat fish. and dairy. so to say i'm a half-assed vegetarian would be an understatement. but i often do just to avoid the whole explanation.

i do not like microsoft.

i love my iPhone. if i feel sad, i hold it in my arms and i feel better.