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google voice search 
19 November 2008, 2:19pm

for those of you with iPhones, you may have already heard about this.google released today a new version of their iPhone mobile app. and it's got a voice search feature. when i first read about it, i figured it would be slower, lousier, and just not as good as typing. and since i'm not too slow at typing on my iPhone, i figured i'd stick with my guns.but i downloaded it today, and oh man! it's great! it senses when the phone is up against your ear, makes a simple noise indicating when to talk, you talk, it processes (maybe 5 seconds), and it gets it right every time. i still will probably type my search more, but this technology is far greater than i had expected!if you have an iPhone, i recommend checking it out: google mobile(view a video example here)

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[19 November 2008]

I want an iPhone!