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tarantino's mind 
24 November 2008, 12:53pm

an excellent short i came across while reading old rss feeds. it's a brilliant way to tie a bunch of far out theories together without just throwing together a youtube video to some lousy soundtrack. and it makes me love seu jorge even more. tarantino's mind:

A film buff tells a friend that he's finally broken "the code" - the mystery behind the character & story threads that bleed from one Quentin Tarantino movie or screenplay into the next. His friend is less than impressed. Starring Seu Jorge (The Life Aquatic) and Selton Mello (Tarja Preta). A short film by Brazilian directing duo 300ml.
http://www.hungrymantv.com/shorts.php?vid=tarantinos_mind [note: this is a bit dirty, so be warned. also, it contains some spoilers to various tarantino films, so if you haven't seen resevoir dogs, don't watch this.]

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[24 November 2008]

I love that clip!