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japan chronicles: a small city of several million 
08 February 2009, 12:42pm

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i suppose i should be clear: this photo is taken in kyoto, a city of a mere 1.4mil, not tokyo. but the idea is the same.

one thing i particularly loved about japan was the overall feeling i got with regards to its size. tokyo, according to wikipedia, has roughly 13 million people. i heard it was up around 28 million including the surrounding area. but what amazed me the most was that it felt smaller than some mountain town of a few thousand. there were fewer highways than there were beggars. every road was a small alleyway. the cars actually waited for the pedestrians to pass. and without any frustration.

this first day we arrived, we finally got out of the subway at what we believed was our stop, in the direction we thought was the one we were going. we left the station and were immediately in a movie. the roads were tiny. they were made of brick. it was peaceful and calm. and no one was regurgitating their lungs on the side of the road (which is what i'm used to here in hangzhou).

the photo here was taken in kyoto on the eastern hills of kyoto. the mountain is filled with beautiful temples and cute shops. what was great about it was that it felt like i was in a movie, but none of it felt fake or anything but sincere and genuine. this particular road was next to a cute little tea house, which was nothing more than a pretty japanese garden in front of someone's house, where they'd serve delicious tea and mocchi while they did their laundry. but nothing felt more welcoming.

and so, for a city of that size (tokyo), i couldn't believe how small-town it felt. i only wish other cities would realize that "development", whatever that means, is not the width of roads or the number of cars or the amount of noise in a "bustling" street. it was wonderful.

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[08 February 2009]

wow! i will feel so happy if i can walk on this peaceful and cute street!



[09 February 2009]

I am liking this series! Keep up the posting!