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THE Lowly Peon

found in translation 
18 February 2009, 12:03pm

i just watched lost in translation the other day. i like that movie. but it has nothing to do with this brief and pointless post.

some things in chinese are simply far more brilliant than the english counterpart. a lot of it has to do with the characters. for example, the character for big (?, 'da') looks like a person spreading his arms and legs the way a five year old would if he were saying how much he loved his mommy (thiiiis much!). or peace (?, 'an') is a woman under a roof, because during peacetime, you leave the battlefield and go home to your woman.

but there's one other one that is just too perfect to pass up.

i bought some pistachios the other day, and a bottle of wine, because work has been a drag, as has the weather, and i needed a bit of a pick me up. so, i watched lost in translation and ate my pistachios and drank my wine. and i was happy.

pistachio, in chinese, is 开心果 (kaxin guo). directly translated, "happy fruit".

right on, china. a happy fruit indeed.

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[18 February 2009]

I love pistachio ice cream.



[19 February 2009]

I bought pistachio crackers the other day and they were QUITE tasty. Happy crackers?



[19 February 2009]

Pistachios? Really? I'm not a big fan. Now, pecans. There's a nut!



[20 February 2009]

I vaguely dislike both pistachios and pecans. Happy fruit? Avacado.


THE Lowly Peon

[20 February 2009]

poppy, i disagree with you on the pistachios and the pecans. but amen! avacados should be called best-ever fruit!



[24 February 2009]

wtf...pistachio is the nut of life