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THE Lowly Peon

a small request 
19 February 2009, 10:45am

hi all

i really feel like a failure for my halted effort in avalantern. i was making such good progress, and then life happened again.

so i need to ask all of you:

right now, not a whole lot of people visit peterdot (but the loyal few are there, and i love you all!). and those who do, generally only use the postits, comments, messages (i think), and i think a few of you read my blogs. if i were to hurry the beta of avalantern, but only include those functions for the time, and ditch the others (photos, wall, quiz, top fives, etc), would that be better or worse than just waiting til a more alpha (finalized) version was ready? keep in mind that i'm busy as hell these days, so the alpha may be a bit off...

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[19 February 2009]

I say release the beta


The Invincible Blab

[20 February 2009]

i agree with will



[20 February 2009]

Beta, by all means, if you want to. But if you're just not comfortable with the site, wait until you are. The website is your non-professional home on the internet, so decorate it however you like! It's "better" or "worse" depending on your preference.



[20 February 2009]




[21 February 2009]





[22 February 2009]

Soon! Soon!



[24 February 2009]

can it really be called a beta if half the features are misssing...so we get a half assed beta or a full alpha...hmm...haha, meh release the less buggy beta with less features, than a real buggy full featured alpha



[24 February 2009]

i've been ready to be the little cute white mouse for testing your avalantern four months ago..........



[24 February 2009]

I want to be an ugly rat!


THE Lowly Peon

[02 March 2010]

woah! it's been over a year since i claimed to be close to finishing avalantern! but really, i'm pretty sure it took me until summer of '09. yikes. i guess i really am the kind of guy who starts projects and never finishes them...