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THE Lowly Peon

16 March 2009, 11:09am

i got home from work kind of late tonight, as i stayed a few hours longer to make up for the hours missed on my voyage this morning. it was strange coming home for some reason. i felt like i had time to do anything. i pulled my iPhone out of my pocket to say hello to daisy and realized she wasn't on this continent anymore. strange feeling.so i decided to take care of some business i've been putting off for a while. i did TWO loads of laundry, washed all the dishes and a bit around my house. i ate delicious dumplings. i burned some CDs so i wouldn't need to listen to anymore country on the way to work. and then i sat down at my computer, a bit scared, to look at my avalantern progress.i'm excited, because it really is pretty far along. i hadn't realized. i guess my putting it off in the last few weeks has made me feel farther and farther from my goal. but it's not too bad. don't get your hopes up. i'm still crazy busy (going to beijing thursday, then scotland in two weeks!). but i'm excited to be motivated to start working on it again. and since not a whole lot of people come to peterdot these days, i feel comfortable releasing a very simple beta :)

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[16 March 2009]

Well, hot darn*!