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THE Lowly Peon

05 May 2009, 7:49am

so since i got my new mac mini (which is awesome, by the way), i've been kind of jumping through hoops getting certain things to sync across both computers. gmail offers free syncing business, which i had implemented before i got my computer, primarily so my contacts were backed up in magic google-land. when i got my new computer, this seemed like a good place to start.

i got an app called spanning sync, which, so far, works pretty well. i'm having some trouble with a contact here or there, but i've got them backed up in enough places that i'm not worried. it'll just take some time to sort through and make sure that google, my iphone, my mac mini, and my laptop all have the same data.

i suppose the real reason i'm writing this post is because i'm in a bit of a dilemma:

all the apple devices (mac mini, laptop, ipod, iphone) have two fields for a name, first and last, with an option for a middle name, and an option for a nickname. google, however, only has one field. it usually does a pretty good job knowing where it breaks, but gets a bit confused sometimes, particularly for three name folk. i also have all my devices sort by first name. i just find that easier and more logical, and much more useful when i write emails and can just type "pete" and wait for all the petes/peters to come up.

but i'm having a hard time with my chinese buddies. most of them have english names, but not all. and i'd like to have both. but i'd also like to be able to search by the english name, as it's easier to type part of. and i don't know what to do.

right now, all of my chinese buddies have their chinese name as the contact, with the english name in the "nickname" field. on my mac, that makes it easy to search. but not in gmail. and not on my iphone. i tried doing chinese for the first name and english for the last name, such that google just blurs them together, but didn't get good results (now i have doubles for all my chinese contacts).

any thoughts? any of you sync apple stuff with gmail? i just needed to rant, anyway. there's a lot to consider when you buy a new computer!

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[05 May 2009]

I'm not any help, I only have one computer :(

Good luck!