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THE Lowly Peon

dancin' days 
10 May 2009, 2:56pm

i'm not really sure what to say. the last few days, i've been wanting to program. now, at last, i finally have time to do so. but what do i do? i sit here and dawdle. it's depressing, quite honestly.

i have all these ideas. i've written about them too many times before, i know, but i just can't stop thinking about them. for example, i want avalantern.com to have "current activity" updates that are linked with twitter — a post to avalantern.com shows up on twitter.com, and a post to twitter shows up on avalantern. the main reason for this, aside from being pretty neat, is that everyone will be able to utilize twitter's available tools, on their computers, iPhones, via SMS, whatever. but then i start to think: why not just try and make some of those tools (not all) available for avalantern?

  • iPhone. i've always wanted to start developing seriously for the iPhone. an iPhone app for avalantern.com could be something as simple as a tool to send/receive messages, update current status, and eventually a built in RSS reader for blogs, links, etc.
  • SMS. setting up avalantern.com to work with SMS, within the US, is not hard. in fact, i've already set it up for peterdot (though verizon and sprint(?) seems to think i'm a spammer). in the past, you were able to reply, but i took that out because it became too complicated (if you get three messages, for example, from different users, it's hard to distinguish which you're replying to)
  • computers. what? avalantern.com is already on a web browser. keep an extra tab open and post directly to avalantern.
  • mobile safari. i really want to make a mobile safari site. just a simplified version of avalantern, with similar color schemese but fewer images and way simpler.

so those are my ideas. but here i am, sitting in front of my computer, and all i can do is think of things i want to do, rather than just freaking doing them. why? because there are so many things i actually need to do first, and most of them are solidifying things that already work. making indices for my tables, cleaning up extra fields i don't need, etc. gah. just so much work to do.

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[11 May 2009]

So.... ummmm... What does this have to do with "Dancin' Days"?


THE Lowly Peon

[11 May 2009]

well, i actually wrote this to test some stuff out on avalantern. i was listening to zeppelin's dancin' days, so that was my title. then, after i wrote the whole blog and posted it on avalantern, i decided to post it on peterdot too :)