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what the hell is wrong with the RIAA? 
24 May 2009, 2:34pm

note: this is based on what may be a rumor, but doesn't quite seem to be such. from slashdot.

as i know many of you do, i subscribe to a wonderful service called last.fm. like peterdot's own playcounts feature, last.fm will track the music you listen to by "scrobbling" every time you listen to a song. because of its popularity, many developers have helped writing other great software to make this a very useful tool.

meanwhile, off somewhere in hell (next to the people who drive in the left lane at the same speed as someone in the right lane, blocking all traffic behind them), the RIAA is out trying to destroy people's lives because the fat guys in fancy suits no longer have a purpose.

turns out CBS, the parent company of last.fm, gave a bunch of data to the RIAA, including IP addresses and user names, which they can easily use to determine what music the users have.

this is absolutely horrifying. maybe i should be more careful about what data i freely give to the interwebs. what's next, i can't trust google either?

(in case you're not sure where i stand with regards to the RIAA, check out this other rant from a year or so ago...)

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