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a good night 
27 May 2009, 2:36am

sidenote: i hate when people say "just do what's best for you." if i need your advice, i want your advice. and if i knew what was best for me, odds are good i wouldn't be asking you.

last night was a great night. it was fairly usual, nothing too uncommon. but i made a small change that made all the difference.the weather was cool can comfortable, so my bike ride home from work was exceptionally enjoyable. i got home and made some delicious egg/mushroom stuff, and drank juice, while listening to tv on the radio. i wanted to go running, but don't like to run immediately after i eat, so i decided to work on avalantern.com for a bit while i digest.

well, that "for a bit" turned into close to two hours. i got so much done. ironed out so many wrinkles. i know i've said this before, which is why i can't make any promises, but i really think i'll have the beta release up soon. it felt great.

and then i started to feel a bit tired. didn't want to run. after trying to convince myself for some 30 minutes, i even sent a message to daisy about how laughable the run will be, given how tired i was.

i ran for the usual 42 minutes (to bridge number 3 and back), not very fast. but it felt great. i ran quickly for the last while, and then ran up 11 flights of stairs. and then i programmed some more. and then i watched two episodes of LOST.and then i forced myself to go to sleep around 12:30, even though i wasn't tired at all.

so what, you may say, was different about last night? i decided to stay up later than usual. lately, i've been trying to go to sleep around 10:30 or so, so i can be refreshed and ready to roll for work. this is very unlike my college days, where sleep was a luxury i chose not to have, in exchange for hanging out with the roomies and watching good movies and so forth.

i don't think i could do polyphasic sleeping, but i sure think i'll start sleeping less. i can make up for it when i die. and i can use drugs to wake me up in the morning. coffee may make my breath smell awful, but it sure does the trick!

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