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priorities (of a commun!st country) 
15 June 2009, 7:31am

in a country where you aren't allow to say words that start with demo and end with cracy, apparently it's a bigger problem to have porn than it is to steal tens of thousands of dollars worth of intellectual property.

i went with my buddy and colleague last week to our shanghai office for a few days. it was crazy busy, and i've been tired as hell ever since (though that gobstopper i just ate picked me up a bit). shanghai is only about 80 minutes away from hangzhou by train (comfortable, fast, cheap, wonderful. i love it), so we always travel by train.

we were tired, hungry, hot, and a bit grumpy when we got to the station. being a compernolle, when traveling, everything must be as fast and efficient as possible: when using an escalator, links gehen rechts stehen (stand on the right, go on the left). when buying tickets, get your money ready before, rather than holding up the line while you fish for that extra 20 you just "know" you have in your purse somewhere. etc.

so when it came time to go through "security", i was ready to sit down and not worry about time anymore.security in chinese train stations is merely an xray machine on which you put your bags, and a metal detector that probably hasn't been turned on in years. no one really pays any attention to anything, which is a bit comical considering they pay five guards to stand there and pretend to watch.

so my buddy went through the gate just after me. put his bags on the conveyor belt and walked through. he was even more surprised than i was when they stopped him and asked him to look through his bags.

i didn't want to get in the way too much, so i didn't bother. but i did hear her say open your bags, we need to look around. she went straight for his CD book. uh oh, i thought. as a chinese IT guy, he must have at least $5,000 of pirated software on those CDs.

she looked through each one — Windows XP, AutoCAAD, MS Office Professional, etc — and then let him go.

i asked what the hell just happened, and he said the security guard, at a train station which probably serves over a million people a day, was looking for adult movies.

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THE Lowly Peon

[16 June 2009]

update, via Saulemander:

according to Solid Oak Software, makers of CyberSitter, this software completely rips off the code of CyberSitter, the internet filtering app.

view article on hothardware.com


THE Lowly Peon

[16 June 2009]

oh. i guess that comment was on the wrong post. oops.



[16 June 2009]




[16 June 2009]