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song of the week: love dog 
19 August 2009, 12:38pm

song of the week: love dog by tv on the radio.

i had a crazy dream last night that i was riding on the top of this beautiful steam locomotive, climbing up some tiny mountain in colorado. the train got stuck and the top of the hill, coming down, so i had to go with this dude to the beach to get some guy he had written in his book (like a prophecy) that could fix the situation somehow. zoe was there, as was the same dog in a male version wearing a blue collar. not sure what his name was.

so i went with this guy down to the beach, and it turned out to be the guitarist from tv on the radio with the super awesome fro-beard. he started saying some really not cool things to me, so i turned around, but along the way we had been singing "love dog".

i woke up, and it's in my head, and i love this song. very simple, but enough to make me want to dance. note that it's also a waltz, which i'm convinced is one of the reason's i love it. more on the later.

check on the song (on dear science). well worth a listen. especially if it's only $.99 and DRM-free.

[20 August 2009, 12:02am]

just found an awesome photo of kyp, the dude with the fro beard. view it here

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[19 August 2009]

I agree with everything in the blog, but I'd say that song, unfortunately, might be my least favorite on the album after Red Dress. I mean, Dancing Choose? Halfway Home? DLZ? Dang!


The Invincible Blab

[20 August 2009]

doug. doug is zoe's brother.


THE Lowly Peon

[20 August 2009]

he's also the secret identity of quailman.