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new artist of the week: phoenix 
29 August 2009, 4:38am

just yesterday, i was in barnes & noble, aka such-a-rip-off-i-can't-believe-it's-still-open & noble, with wjerome, to look around at some CDs. i was more interested in DVDs, because i can get almost any music from the itunes store or amazon.com mp3 downloads, but DVDs are difficult (or too expensive online).

about ten minutes after we arrived, and made our casual jokes about dennis quade and brüce, they changed the music to a rather peppy and fun tune about what i initially thought to be a rhino, but later found it was just about a french accented riot. it wasn't bad. a bit too poppy, i thought.

but then, after a few more tracks, i realized i really liked it, and even started to do a little dance while perusing the BBC shows. on my way out, i asked the dude behind the counter what it was, and he told me it was phoenix, an english speaking french band. (i generally don't like french things, except for stereolab and fries i'm not sure what else)

so check these guys out. they are poppy but not irritating, and some of their stuff is a bit repetitive and goes no where. but i am thoroughly enjoying it for now.

i have their album wolfgang amadeus phoenix, and recommend it (especially the first track)

[29 August 2009, 4:43am]

quade should have been spelled quaid. sorry for the confusion. see here for reference and reason why we make fun of him constantly.

quaid. meh.

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[29 August 2009]

Dennis Quaid is so beautiful. I'll need to get that CD from you, too.