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theory and practice 
21 September 2009, 1:14pm

q: what the difference between theory and practice? a: in theory, there is none.

situation: a drawer full of socks. all the same brand, same size, same soft and fuzziness. except exactly half are white-toed, and the other half are black-toed. you go running three or four times a week (when you're at home), but you tell everyone you go five or six. you wash all your used socks every sunday, and occasionally on thursdays. each day you run, you pick two socks at random. after running, you put them in your laundry bag so as to not pick them again until washed.

(in case you're interested in details, they are adidas, and i bought them just recently in houston because i forgot to bring running socks. and what a pleasant decision it was to upgrade.)

theory: your odds of picking two socks of the same color are exactly 50% at the first choosing. this is because the second sock you pick has 50% chance of being white, and 50% chance of being black, which your first choice has a 100% chance of being one or the other.

practice: your odds of picking two socks of the same color are .0067. i'm pretty sure this has only happened to me once in the last year. proof by example.

conclusion: the difference between theory and practice: in theory, there is none.


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[21 September 2009]




[26 September 2009]

This is why every single one of my cotton socks is black and athletic! Dressing up? Grab two socks! Going running? Grab two socks! Hanging out in the apartment? Grab two socks!


THE Lowly Peon

[26 September 2009]

bentomas: that's an excellent idea!