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THE Lowly Peon

08 November 2009, 12:26pm

I just had a great night with daisy. went to a nice place and sat on the roof and drank good American pale ale before going down a floor to listen to the coming rainstorm. dinner was pleasant, and conversation was wonderful. the constant sound of the rain drowning out all the noise from the outside world put me at a long awaited peace.

I decided to walk home, as the air was cool after the rain, and it managed to scare away most of the people.

being china, though, it failed to scare away the big noisy buses and trucks on xihu road. I took a right into a pedestrian street, releasing a big sigh because I had at last found silence.

and then someone decided to light a bunch of fire crackers. I walked faster, disappointed that my sanctuary had vanished so quickly. as the noise of the fireworks finally died down, after some ten minutes, i reached the end of the road. and the noise of the buses returned.

I need to climb a mountain. wander in the red hills of Colorado or the green mountains in Portland. as much as I adore the fine dining available in big cities, I need some peace and quiet.

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[08 November 2009]

Oh I know what you mean. Nothing sounds nicer to me than going camping with some friends and staring into a camp fire late at night with the stars above. There is nothing quieter than the mountains.