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THE Lowly Peon

Apple Fanboys and Rumors 
23 January 2010, 12:03am

I may actually agree with you for once, saulemander

I'm getting really tired of reading constantly about a rumored Apple Tablet device. No one knows anything about it, yet everyone keeps making predictions about it as if they're fact. Just like before the iPhone debuted, people are saying why it's bound to fail (remember how someone said the iPhone would fail because people would drop it, or how it would kill teenagers because they had to look at it while texting and driving?)

I'm tired of it. Stop posting about the tablet until Steve actually shows it to us. Stop predicting about iPhone OS 4.0 until someone actually has evidence that it'll be out. Stop telling me that there's a new version of iTunes that Steve will announce unless you have some proof (and I don't want to hear about "someone familiar with the matter").

So saulemander, I'm with you. These Apple Fanboys can be exhausting.

Note: I always have been, and always will be, an Apple fanboy. I just hate when people who call themselves experts feel justified in predicting the future based on absolutely nothing. Especially stock analysts. Get a real job.

[23 January 2010, 12:07am]

Paul Carr at TechCrunch nailed this one:

But until the official launch announcement comes, I would rather not hear another word about Apple and their tablet. Not because it isn’t news – but because so many of the journalists anticipating the launch have dropped any sense of responsibility to their readers and replaced it with cloying fanboyism.

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[23 January 2010]

i disagree



[23 January 2010]

Do you have any examples of articles that you don't like? I've been enjoying a lot of the speculation!


THE Lowly Peon

[23 January 2010]

bentomas: i suppose i read too much TUAW. It's not really specific articles that's bothering me, just that my RSS inbox is 90% tablet stuff.