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iPad Day! 
11 March 2010, 10:50pm

The iPad goes on sale tonight at 9:30pm my time, or 5:30am PST (tomorrow). I don't want to discuss how saulemander thinks it's a piece of junk, or how benji no longer supports apple, but rather, how the hell do i get one?!

They are going to be shipping April 3. My next time in the states in late July, when benji and ker_bbs get married.

International shipping for some countries starts around the same time, so I could potentially go to Japan to buy it in April. Hong Kong wasn't on the list, sadly.

I could also ship it to someone in the states and hope that after forwarding it to me, the Chinese government doesn't want their piece of the pie and charge 200% duty.

Or I could be patient. But shuffle God! I hate being patient.

Thoughts? Anyone coming to China and want to bring one?

[16 March 2010, 12:33am]

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[11 March 2010]

i didnt say its a piece of junk...just disappointed apple got lazy and didnt innovate...that's all, though rumor has it multitasking is coming to OS 4.0



[12 March 2010]

Benji no longer supports Apple?


THE Lowly Peon

[12 March 2010]

He's down on them because they are suing HTC for patent infringement, which dampens creativity. But I'll let him speak for himself, if he chooses to...


THE Lowly Peon

[12 March 2010]

no one's got any ideas? anything? i'm staring at the order page, but i don't know what to do!



[14 March 2010]

I wrote about my switch away from Apple on TSP

I think you need to convince your mom to come visit you and bring you one!