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THE Lowly Peon

06 April 2010, 12:50pm

I went to one of my favorite restaurants today, and I'm not sure it's one of my favorites anymore.

Two of my colleagues, a Scott and an American, and I went out to dinner tonight at one of my favorite places. It's a teppanyaki place, all you can eat for 158rmb (about $20). The food is amazing. It's like Flat-top Grill, for those of you from the midwest, or Benihana if you're from the south.

After a great meal, and some good conversation, we got the check. daisy gave me her ctrip card, a travel company that gives discounts for stuff like this. It's 8rmb off per person, bringing it to a nice a round 150 each.

"We don't take that card here," she said. But I've used it here many times, I argued. She disappeared and came back a while later and said okay.

My Scottish colleague gave her his credit card, American, and she said "we don't accept this here." I've never used credit cards there, because they always tell me they only accept Chinese cards. "But I've used it here many times before." I lied.

She disappeared for a few minutes and came back and said nope. So I paid cash. They gave me our invoices, and we were on our way out when I noticed my Scotsman was a bit grumpy. I suggested we try the credit card. So we found the waitress and asked if we could try the card.

With some heavy reluctance, she tried, and it worked. She was dumbfounded. She checked the receipts, wrote down his card number in case it was broken, and then told us "the bank just started accepting it last week." Bullshit.

While they were bringing my cash back, I noticed that one of the invoices (silly Chinese monopoly money that means nothing) said I won 10rmb. They do this to encourage people to ask for invoices, so companies need to give them, which requires they pay taxes.

"Sorry, we don't do that here," she said. Totally bullshit. You have the invoices, so you give me the money. I told her just that in my own dialect (translating to something like "it says here you give me money, so of course you give me the money!"). She disappeared for a few minutes and came back and said okay.

Three simple things they could have provided us without arguing. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt on the card because she obviously had no idea. But I still feel like they tried to screw us, and it left a bad taste in my mouth (metaphorically, of course. The shrimp there is amazing).

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