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Buffy Nights 
04 June 2010, 1:37pm

I miss Buffy nights. I got a Buffy song in my head — the duet between Tara and Giles where Giles says he's holding Buffy back and Tara, oh poor Tara — and decided to watch the musical again. Every time I watch this show I enjoy it more. It's hilarious. And I think I'll die still disappointed that Anya and Xander split, or that Buffy and Spike couldn't make lots of babies.

But watching this is a bit depressing. I want to share all these little comments but no one is here.

So I suggest we have some kind of Buffy night this July, if we have time. Goldfish, grape soda, the works. And "Walk through the fire" to kick it off. I know timing is suer tight and it may be a pipe dream. But I still think it would be great (and Daisy could be part of it too! Buffy is kind of the reason she and immure together, believe it or not).

We'll see it through it's what we're always here to do! (what can't we face... If we're together...?)

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[04 June 2010]

Let's do it! Timing will be tricky!



[04 June 2010]

That would be FANTASTIC! Let's do it!!