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WoD: Running 
16 June 2010, 1:03am

I think its funny how much i hate running until about thirty seconds before the end of my run, and then i love it.

As part of my week of discontent, and because I've been drinking a wee bit much, taking advantage of both the world cup and the free booze my colleagues get as long term stays at the Ramada, I've been trying to run more. And it's been working! I've gone running almost every other day.

I don't really like running, and I never really want to go. But after my run, I eat better, sleep better, and have way more energy. It's fantastic. In fact, I've found in the last few days that the more tired I am before my run — often resulting in nearly falling asleep while putting on my running shoes and such, or at least pretending to in order to avoid actually running — the better i run, and the better i feel afterwards.

Yesterday, I was really pooped. Been a long week (it's only Wednesday?!), and I really wanted to just sit and watch House (started season 1 recently, working my way through) and then program and fix this hash problem Benj's been pushing me to fix. So I stood up, powered through, and it was a great run.

I just wish I had my bikes instead.

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