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THE Lowly Peon

Just Another Day... 
26 June 2010, 4:29pm

So today was just another Saturday like any other. Here are a few of the things that happened to me:

  • A bird took a poop* on my arm while I was riding my bike downtown for my weekly coffee and RSS reading.
  • My barber, Master Pig Head, threatened to shave my head so I'd look like a monk unless I stopped calling him Master Pig Head. I called his bluff.
  • Daze and I went off on a guy on the bus for saying "Hallo!" in that way that is rude but everyone here thinks is hilarious. hobbeseroo calls these people "hello monsters", and for good reason.
  • While I was peeing after lunch, I noticed the puddle of water under the urinal was growing closer to me, until I realized it was because the pipe connecting the urinal to the sewer was gone, and I was essentially peeing on the ground.
  • I saw Toy Story 3 in 3D and cried like a baby at the end. Daisy didn't hesitate to make fun of me.
  • At the movie theater there were a bunch of booths advertising wedding stuff, like wedding photography and rings and such. There were books of soft core porn, encouraging brides to show their husbands their good side (?)
  • We went to a hippy Tibetan shop, where the saleswoman suggested I help daisy put on her skirt in the dressing room.
  • We had "deep fly tofu" for dinner — a tough decision to pass on the "beef gut and never with social soy sauce", though, I assure you.
  • I concluded the day by singing Nickel Creek as loud as I could while walking home past the cigarette factory under the blacklights on the underside of the overpass while a young girl walked her husky alongside of me. Poor bastard — full coat, and it's 30 degrees (C) and 98% humid.

You know. Just another day.

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[26 June 2010]

You staying up for the game in two hours?!


THE Lowly Peon

[27 June 2010]

no, i missed it. though i heard it was a pretty lousy game.



[30 June 2010]

Wow, that was quite the day!! Definitely more exciting than my Saturday, which I spent studying for my first anatomy exam...