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THE Lowly Peon

Where is my Mind? 
04 July 2010, 11:21am

Took a quick trip with daisy this weekend to a Buddhist mountain called Putuoshan. It's an island in the pacific, near Zhongshan, home town of my buddy Integral. Apparently, I left my mind somewhere else.

I've been traveling for a while — at least once every two months for the last three years — so you'd think I'd have this stuff down. Instead, let's see all my goof ups:

  • I forgot my iPhone/iPad/iPod charger. Fortunately, my super awesome girlfriend is also an iPhone addict, and had her charger.
  • I forgot my spare battery for my Nikon d70s, and left it charging on my table in an obvious place so I wouldn't forget it. Oops. My battery died about halfway through the trip, making lugging my huge camera around somewhat meaningless.
  • I took two pairs of pants, trying to always be prepared. They were cotton — a jump from my usual polyester — so I could be cool in the 100+ degree heat. I tried to climb up a big rock and because it was so hot, the sweat made them stick to my legs, and my pants split open, from bottom* to knee. I thought that only happened in the movies.
  • On the day that daisy and I went for the longest hike, and spent nearly 6 hours going from temple to temple, I realized that I had completely forgotten my GPS unit. Let me be clearer: I didn't only forget to turn it on, like I have a million times, but I forgot the unit itself in the hotel safe.
  • I forgot to take my umbrella, despite the weather forecast for heavy rain, because I was so focused on staying cool in the hot sun. Come 4pm, it rained the heaviest rain I've seen in ages, and we were stuck under a little bus stop shelter for nearly an hour.

I got home just recently, and was excited to look through the pictures I had taken. I then realized that my Aperture library — the application I use to edit and organize my photos — is gone, and the backup is on the Time Capsule that failed a few months back. Man, I'm really having an off week.

[05 July 2010, 10:50am]

Updated to include some links to photos...

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[04 July 2010]

What!? No photos of your pants?

P.S. Can I star this post?



[04 July 2010]

I can't believe your pants split!


THE Lowly Peon

[05 July 2010]

bentomas: haha I'm glad you liked it (but no starring, sadly)!

kerbbs: I cant either! And I'm angry! Those were not cheap! (they weren't exactly expensive either, but still!)



[10 July 2010]

thelowlypeon why were u wearing pants in the first place?


THE Lowly Peon

[11 July 2010]

l4saule: shorts are weird.