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Chicago Bound 
23 July 2010, 6:35am

We've got a full tank of gas, a pack of cigarettes, it's dark, and we're wearing sunglasses. Hit it.

So daisy and I began our journey to Chicago a few hours ago. And already it's beenquitr an adventure. To blame? The heat, and the Shanghai Expo.

To save the effort of taking three trains to get to Pudong airport, which is in the middle of nowhere and about as far from Shanghai as Beijing, we took an airport bus from Hangzhou. One leaves every hour, and it's cheap, and somehow, despite the horrendous traffic in Shanghai, it's always three hours.

I took a taxi to the bus station because I've got lots of stuff. The driver was one of those impatient ones who sees a red light and immediately turns off the road onto a smaller one, even if it's not really where we want to go, because moving feels better than stopping. So, it took us about 45 minutes to make a 12 minute trip. If you look at a map, it wasn't that far out of the way, so I'm pretty sure he wsnt trying to cheat me. But wow that was ridiculous.

We then got on the bus, where some lady asked for our passport numbers and our names. They said one word to justify the breech of privacy: Expo.

Fast forward about two and a half hours, and we see a sign on the road that says Pudong Airport: 8km. Sweet. Almost there.

Then the driver started to go really slow, and eventually pulled over. I figured he was just going pee on the side of the road. Then o saw the gauge on the car and saw it was overheating.

We had to get out of the bus for about fiifteen minutes, waiting for another bus to come.

Then when the bus arrived, we had to give our passports to some fat smelly police officer. Again, his reason, which no one questioned: expo. It took twenty minutes to get out of the freaking bus just to get in the airport. Then we had to go through security just to get in the airport.

Then security, where they took our pictures, and scanned our passports and boarding passes before screening us.

Finally, we're waiting at the gate. Some guy is yelling at a server because his invoice has some problem. I wonder if he realizes how much he's embarrassing himself. He just got yelled at by some guy sitting nearby for being loud. Man what a dramatic adventure!

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[23 July 2010]

Dramatic, but so exciting that you're heading home! Can't wait to see you both soon!!



[26 July 2010]

I can't wait either! So soon!