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Another Travel [Almost] Snafu 
16 August 2010, 3:18am

For the last three years, I've had more or less the same annual schedule. Home for Christmas in Chicago and a quick business trip afterwards, then home for the summer to renew my Chinese visa. I'm in Houston now as part of the latter requirement — here for over two weeks to get a visa and meetings and stuff.

I leave for China on Thursday morning. My old Chinese visa expired a week or so ago. So you can imagine my surprise when, last Friday, I realized that I hadn't even begun the process of getting my visa.


I rushed to my hotel to grab my visa while i asked the secretary — who is getting rather familiar with this situation, i fear — to get the forms together. I drove downtown and dropped it off only minutes before they stopped accepting applications (only open two hours in the morning, then lunch, then two hours for pickup in the afternoon).

I had some time to kill while downtown, and the factory is too far away to bother returning, so I did some geocaching and got some delicious food at one of my favorite places in Houston. Then i waited in line for two hours, outside for the first hour, in the 98F heat, talking to a hippy flight attendant. [It was fascinating. He's been doing it for 26 years so he gets seniority and such. It was really interesting talking to him, and he seemed interested in hearing about my side of travel, which apparently he's never really been on.]

Then i got my visa. And because i got it at the consulate, it only cost me and extra $30 to expedite, versus the $250 it would have cost if I mailed it in. So yay!

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[16 August 2010]




[16 August 2010]

Shucks! I was hoping it wouldn't work out and you'd have to come back and live in our apartment in Aurora!