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Running in the Winter 
31 October 2010, 10:43am

Okay, ker_bbs, I guess I was wrong when I said I hate running. Allow me to correct myself.

It's pretty chilly here, and I decided to throw on my under armour and go for a run. Let me tell you. It's cold. You could see my nipples from a mile away. I was afraid I'd freeze my bottom* off, so I started running quicker than usual — about 5/km, rather than my usual 5:30/km. And about five minutes into it, I realized I was cruising, and it felt amazing. You know when you run on a treadmill for a while, then the first steps you take off the treadmill are like you're jet-propelled? Well, that's how I felt on my run.

I only ran 5.5km, but wow do I feel good.

So let's go back and amend what I wrote, adding "in the summers in Hangzhou" after every time I say the word "running":

But there's one problem with running in the summers in Hangzhou: I simply don't like it.

I hate getting ready for a run in the summers in Hangzhou. I hate the knowledge that soon I'll be miserable. I hate the first few minutes of a run in the summers in Hangzhou. Though I enjoy the second or third kilometer, after that, I'm only looking forward to the end of the summer in Hangzhou. After a run in the summers in Hangzhou, once I stop sweating from the unbelievable humidity in this jungle, I feel okay. And I sleep really well. The last two parts are why I try to run three or so times a week.

I love running in winters in Hangzhou!

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[31 October 2010]

Yay! I'm so glad you love running in the winter! I hope to run with you soon to see your nipples from a mile away! :)