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iPads and Keyboards 
21 November 2010, 8:34am

I'm sitting on my couch right now with my wife, playing on my iPad while she watches weeks-old episodes of House. I decided to pull out my bluetooth keyboard to play around with it. And wow.

I love my iPad, and generally don't feel the virtual keyboard is too limiting (aside from writing HTML. that's a real pain in the bottom*), but I just want to write and write and write now that I've got this thing hooked up. And it's so easy! Just turn the thing on and it automatically connects! And to disconnect, either turn the keyboard off, or press the esc key!

I can use apple and the arrow keys to navigate, or option, just like on a mac. Apple-Tab doesn't do anything, but I'm not sure how it'd work anyway (maybe in a future update?)

This is a completely useless post, but right now the three of you reading it probably understand how this may be exciting. (Hi, wjerome, ker_bbs, benji update: and Kate !)

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[21 November 2010]

I do! And have great hopes to maybe have a simliar setup at some point the the future! (not near future though!)



[21 November 2010]

Hey! I always read your posts!



[21 November 2010]

It's weird that apple-tab doesn't do anything... I'm glad you like the keyboard though!



[22 November 2010]