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April, Comes She Will 
02 December 2010, 1:32pm

Very exciting news!

We heard back from the US consulate in Beijing, and they've accepted our application for Daisy's green card! For those of you who don't know the unnecessarily complicated situation, some background:

We needed to file an I-130, which is basically an application for a spouse to come to the states on a green card (which means she could live, leave, and enter freely for a really long time).

If my "domicile" is in the states, I apply in the states, and it takes 10-15 months (!!). Considering we just began the process not long ago, this could potentially put Daisy's arrival sometime in 2012. Which is not cool.

However, if my "domicile" is in China, I can apply in Beijing, which takes more like 6-8 months. The confusing part here is that they usually just check for a resident visa. This was a gamble, but our lawyer was confident he could argue that it was illegal to require a resident visa (which I don't have), since that's provided by a foreign government and other lawyer speak.

We were very nervous, to say the least, that we'd be spending a long time apart.

But alas! We heard back today from Beijing, and they've accepted our petition without even needing a fight. So if all goes well with the application, proving that our relationship is real, and the interview in Guangzhou, Daisy should be in the states by May or June!


[02 December 2010, 1:35pm]

(note: though it's unlikely daisy will be coming in april, saying "may, she will stay" or "june, she sings her tune" just didn't sound as optimistic, especially considering what comes in july or august)

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[02 December 2010]

Well, that is just fantastic news! Woo!



[02 December 2010]

That's awesome! Yay!!