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December the Thourth 
03 December 2010, 5:50am

Today, December third, and tomorrow, the fourth, are pretty special days in my life. I mention it every year, but this time decided to write a bit about it.

December 3rd

My two older sisters, maggie33 and nellie, two of the most important people in my life, were both born on the 3rd of December.

hobbeseroo, one of my best buddies, was also born on December 3rd. Oddly enough, the same year, too.

December 4th

Benji, one of my best buddies and Avalantern's most loyal reader, was born on the 4th of December. Also oddly, in the same year as my December 3rd folk.

December 4th was also the day I met my wife, Daisy, a few years back.

So there you have it. Happy Thourth of December!

[03 December 2010, 2:39pm]

oh yeah! and nell's boyfriend was born on December third too!

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[03 December 2010]

That is pretty crazy how close together all of us were born. Happy Birthday Maggie, Nell and Stefan!

And December 4th really is the best day ever, how can any other day compete with the day you met your wife? They just can't!



[03 December 2010]

Wow, that's crazy! Happy Birthday, everyone! :) And happy "anniversary" Peter, and Daisy! :)