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Thoughts on Running 
11 December 2010, 8:52am

I just came back from a run, and want to share a few things I learned while on this run.

  • I love cold weather. I had the whole riverfront path to myself because everyone was likely scared away by the cold.
  • Sweat, in certain conditions, is unbelievably efficient.
  • Nirvana is really very good. I don't listen to them much anymore, but every time I do, I completely understand why I listened to them so much in high school.
  • Kinetic may be one of the greatest iPhone apps ever.
  • Paul Simon was right on when he asked "who am I to blow against the wind?" I wondered why I was going so fast until I turned around to come home, and started wondering why I was suddenly going so slow.
  • I can now leave Hangzhou. I saw the famous Silver Dragon. (Because the river flows with the tide, sometimes a huge wave comes barreling down the river. I saw it
  • My wife is awesome.

[11 December 2010, 8:52am]

I suppose I should have titled this "Thoughts while Running". But what can you do.

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[11 December 2010]

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)