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Strange Company 
27 December 2010, 9:53pm

I suppose I've grown used to this kind of thing — I barely thought anything of it until I listed, for wjerome, the number of absurd things that welcomed me to the company apartment here in Houston. It may not compare to some of the other strange things that have happened in this place (we shan't forget the crappy tale), but still worth note.

It turns out people from our Italian office have been spending lots of time here. I have no idea what they're doing, or how it justifies them spending months in Houston, and constantly flying back and forth. But hey, that's business. All of these oddities, as far as I know, come from them.

First, I got to the apartment and saw that the company Subaru still had its spare tire on it. Upon further investigation, the flat tire, with a glass shard sticking out the side, was in the trunk.

Then, perhaps mask the smell of rubber, or maybe just to mask the smell of Europeans, they had not one, not two, not three, but four air fresheners in the car. It smelled like a mix of toothpaste and really bad shampoo. I should rewatch The Smelly Car and take notes for what they tried to get rid of the smell.

I went upstairs to drop off my bags in the apartment. I sighed as I opened the door, recalling the many times I've waddled up the stairs with all my stuff to open the door, awaiting the multitude of surprises that lay behind it.

Black garbage bags again are covering every inch of window space. The room faces the east, and I suppose Italians are used to waking up really late every day. (Or they're vampires?)

And again: air fresheners. These guys must really smell bad.

Then I went to hang up my clothes in the fairly large walk-in closet only to find several months worth of clothing, still in dry cleaning bags, hanging up.

This all being in the first hour after my arrival, I can't wait to see what else is waiting for me.

[28 December 2010, 9:12pm]

I found another air freshener in the car, and two more in the apartment.

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[28 December 2010]

Ha ha, that is all so bizarre!