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My Mini Server 
23 January 2011, 8:40am

I recently got a new computer, a Mac Mini Server, which I've nearly completed setting up.

With it, I can host up to 5 terabytes of storage, which I can access from anywhere, any time, using my iPhone or any other computing device with internet access.

I can sync my Address Book between my laptop, my iPhone, iPad, etc. I could do this before using a somewhat cumbersome method and a bunch of cables, but now I can push changes over the air, almost instantly. (I've been using, and still am for a while, MobileMe, Apple's $100/yr service which does almost exactly the same thing.)

I can sync my iCal events across all my devices as well. Also awesome is that my Mini can send notifications of events! (Like my Address Book syncing, I'm still using MobileMe until my subscription ends.)

There's a whole slew of other stuff I can do, but those three are the coolest. I'm so excited that I can access my Music and files from anywhere in the world using any computer! So next time I want to send some new music to WJerome or hulkamaniac or simonite, I just need to give them a link to my server. Cool!

You need an account, but if any of you are interested in taking advantage of these awesome free services, let me know and I can set one up for you. Apple charges $100 a year for it, and my Mini can do almost everything they can. (...Except I don't have an SSL certificate, and I haven't enabled the mail server. Though I could. I just prefer Gmail.)

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[23 January 2011]

Yea! Looking forward to said links to your server!