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The Shuffle God Has Been Good to Me Today 
31 January 2011, 12:06am

Great collection of tunes, brought to you by this morning's Shuffle God.

Young Idiots , Young Jesus - lousy name perhaps, but really good. And the dude is my brother's good friend, which makes it that much cooler.

America, Simon & Garfunkel - to this day, I still say this is one of the five greatest songs ever written. And it reminds me vaguely of my junior year in high school when the idea behind it was so powerful to me it changed both my outlook on life and also the topic for my "junior theme," the big paper every junior has to write.

District Sleeps Alone Tonight, Postal Service - haven't listened to these guys for ages. But it really is a great song, despite how all the hipster artists mention "Death caaaab" to establish they've been cooler longer than Postal Service has been around.

Day Tripper, The Beatles - need I say more? I think today was the first time I've ever actually listened to the lyrics and contemplated they mean.

Don't Look Back in Anger, Oasis - I remember when Brett Sortal, the cool jock of my youth, made fun of me and John Gillilan for listening to the same music his dad did. Then years later tons of people listened to it, which is when I realized that cool people often don't know poop*.

Parachute Woman, the Rolling Stones - I don't see how these guys are ever compared to the Beatles, nor how everyone seems to agree that they are second only to the Beatles. That said, the Stones are pretty awesome, and I can see their appeal, and how they were the bad boys when the Beatles were a little too clean.

I Won't Back Down, Johnny Cash cover of the Tom Petty tune - don't know which I'm reminded more of: my friend Kris who has a tattoo of Cash covering his arm and who will name his first son Cash, or the road trips we took as a family when Nell and I studied all of Petty's lyrics.

Mother People, Frank Zappa - man these guys are weird, but so freaking good. And I fell behind writing the Petty/Cash thoughts and missed my opportunity for this write up.

Dirt in the Ground, Tom Waits - hooo man, the shuffle god has listened to my prayers. I've really been digging this album, Bone Machine, ever since it hit me one day that "Going Out West" is more than just a funny song that reminds me of my youth and how my parents sort of laughed at how I sang this. This is his mellower sad song to give you a break after so many solid tracks. I love this song.

I Want to be a Hulkamaniac, Hulk Hogan and the Wrestling Boo - no joke, hulkamaniac's namesake. I can't believe someone actually recorded this. "If you want to be a Hulkamaniac, i can sure tell you how to stay on track: you gotta train, listen to your parents eat your vitamins too, these are the things Hulkamaniacs do... Always go swimming with a buddy... Get your education each and every day, these are the things that the maniacs say." Priceless.

The Warning, Hot Chip - seriously, shuffle god? Sometimes I really do believe you exist. Simonite got me into these guys the summer before last. The title track, this is probably the best on the album. Freaking awesome. Hot Chip will break your legs, snap off your head. Perfect level of synthetic and electronic feeling while still feeling warm and soft.

And thus concludes my morning. Just arrived at work and need to go! Thanks, Shuffle God!

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