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Coming Back 
09 March 2011, 11:55pm

After a few weeks of being in a slight coma, and thanks in no small part to the support of one Ms kate, I hope to bring Avalantern.com back to life. Lots of big changes in my life in the near future should keep things moving at least for a while.

To welcome the site back to the exciting world, a few updates about my coming back to the states.

I've solidified the date, and will be headed to our new home, Houston, TX, on April 8th. It's pretty far out for me to think that I'll be part Texan, but after playing around on yelp for some time, I'm actually very excited for where we're going. We'll be downtown, within walking distance to bookstores, coffee shops, a wine tasting room, lots of restaurants, and within a mile (walking distance!) of two of my favorite Houston dining establishments.

I joked and laughed at the thought of moving to Houston for the last few years, but recently have come to realize: all cities have a lot to offer. And in a weird way, places like Houston may have even more. Think: I lived in Colorado Springs for four years. For the first year or two, I hated it. It was too small, yet way too big. There was no art scene, the restaurants weren't great, and no good coffee shops to go and hang out. Then something happened: I learned Colorado Springs wasn't too big, and it wasn't too small. There was art all over the place (I'm excluding that horrendous bear statue on Pike's Peak downtown). To this day, two of my favorite restaurants in the whole world are in Colorado Springs (or nearby), and I can think of lots of coffee shops that I love.

It turned out that people who weren't too thrilled about living in such a place dedicated the better part of their lives to make it more livable. Houston, I'm finding, is very similar. It's not the city I, a yankee, imagined. It has great art, some great restaurants (though I'm still having a hard time getting used to the tremendous portions), and the city itself only felt absurdly large to me before because my company is located 25 miles outside of town.

In conclusion, I'm thrilled. Our apartment becomes ours next Monday. The next few weeks will be busy packing and saying goodbye to the city I've come to love so dearly over the last few years, but we've got a lot to look forward to.

( Daisy will be spending some more time with her parents here, waiting for her green card, and we hope she'll be joining me within a month or two of my departure.)

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[10 March 2011]

Can't wait to have you back!



[10 March 2011]

Wow, this is all so exciting! I am so happy for you both! :)