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White Male Land-Renter 
13 March 2011, 1:59am

I'm one step closer to being a full fledged American: I am now a land owner renter. I signed the lease for our new apartment just the other day.

This is a pretty exciting feeling, really. It's not as exciting as living in a company-provided apartment for several years while stashing the extra savings under the company-furnished mattress, but I feel like I've finally entered real adulthood. What's even more exciting, for me as a true materialist, is the list of toys that will come along with it.

Before I can move in, I need to get insurance and electricity (and be in America, but that's apparently secondary). And shopping for electricity was much more fun than I had expected. It turns out Houston's not as dirty-energy crazy as I thought. Instead, I got 100% renewable energy for a mere 9.2 cents per kWh. For those of you who don't know what that means, maybe we can together ask someone who does. All I know is that it's almost exactly the same as coal power, which is pretty much evil.

So although my electronic-buying nature is still pretty bad for the environment, and perhaps a but wasteful, I can still sleep better at night knowing that a bunch of wind turbines are powering my server instead of the stuff that makes my boogers black when I'm in China.

Hooray! Lease and being a hippy!

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[13 March 2011]

100% renewable energy is great (that's what we have, too!), but really it just means that the amount of "clean" electricity being poured into the overall grid will increase.

"Buying renewable energy does not mean that electricity is coming directly from wind farms or other clean energy sources to your home — it is impossible to direct any specific electron that travels through the electric grid. However, it does mean that the electricity being poured into the grid on your behalf comes from pollution-free and renewable sources, rather than dirtier generation sources like coal and oil. Here’s how: we purchase generic electricity to serve our customers’ minute-by-minute power needs AND we ensure that enough cleaner energy is produced through the purchase of renewable energy certificates to match our customers’ usage. This is how we ensure that you are purchasing a renewable energy product."

Still, as long as the companies ARE actually buying the renewable energy certificates to match our usage like they promise, it makes a difference. Hooray for getting your own electricity plan!


THE Lowly Peon

[13 March 2011]

nocturtle: thanks, Johnny raincloud... hahha