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A Consumer's Dilemma 
21 March 2011, 12:10pm

Put very simply: I am buying an awesome TV for when daisy and I go to Houston. I need it for my internet/tv to be installed on a Saturday morning. This makes buying online difficult, as I'm nervous to have something that expensive shipped to my apartment without my being there. However, I get 5% cash back if I buy it online. Sony doesn't offer a buy online / pickup in the store kind of deal.

So I need to choose: do I ditch the 5% cash back, or do I have them ship it to my house, thus paying shipping (I'd get next day, just so I know when to expect it).

I only have a three day window to receive this thing, so there's not a lot of room for play. (Another option is to buy last year's model, which doesn't have WiFi, thus requiring an ethernet cable to my router, from Best Buy, where I would get 5% cash back and could pick it up in the store.)


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