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THE Lowly Peon

Google blocked in China? 
25 March 2011, 6:07am

Well, that's it. I'm leaving China.

please tell me it's just April fool's day, and the govt isn't actually blocking google.com...

Update: thank god the government here is as stupid as they are scared. it's easy as pie to scale the so called "great firewall" of China. VPNs cost around US$5/month, and your evil is causing lots of people around the world to provide them for free. Fools.

[25 March 2011, 6:16am]

It's back. That was only a few minutes. But scary as hell, still.

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[25 March 2011]

I think I'd have some sort of reaction if I knew what all of that Chinese meant.


THE Lowly Peon

[25 March 2011]

WJerome: that's the page that comes up in china when a site is being blocked by the government. they cleverly say that the server is not responding, which has led tons of chinese people to think that americans simply have unstable servers.